Magnetic levitation

Efficiency matters in energy storage, and perhaps more than we realize. In our sustainable future, up to one-third of all energy may pass through storage. Every lost MW must be accounted for by building additional generating assets.
We optimize our system for passive levitation, providing exceptionally efficient operation.

Electromagnetic Stabilization

We focus on maximizing the "energy per unit mass" of the system, to make efficient use of material resources, while minimizing our site storage footprint (MWh / Hectare).
For maximum rotating speed, we use an advanced electromagnetic stabilization system. This provides contact-free guidance of the rotor, and therefore very low friction losses, optimizing our use of materials.

Charge / Discharge

Permanent Magnet Synchronous technology is used to maximize both power-density and round-trip efficiency, while minimizing the size of ancillary equipment.


Teraloop's rotor is hubless, which allows for 5 times higher energy storage capacity compared to a rotor with a central hub. To maximize both storage capacity and sustainability, the rotor is made of light-weight, strong and recyclable carbon fibre composite as well as a ductile magnetic composite.

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