In-Between International

In-Between International is a start-up company specialized in the innovative and sustainable treatment of Water Hyacinth after having discovered its key technical properties (close to wood fibers) and patented the first industrial process able to get back control on its proliferation. In-Between proposes a business model based on the valorization of a renewable but threat-full natural resource by developing bio-based materials while restoring bio-diversity creating employment and economic growth.


Water Hyacinth is an invasive free-floating aquatic plant present in more than 100 countries across the world. It is considered to be the world's worst weed. Wherever it spreads, the plant has negative impacts on ecosystem by cutting access to rivers and lakes, blocking sunlight, preventing oxygenation of water and threatening aquatic ecosystems, biodiversity and fishes -to name a few. While climate change boosts its proliferation, the socio-economic and ecological burden of Water hyacinth While climate change boosts its proliferation, the socio-economic and ecological burden of Water Hyacinth is directly hammering public expenditures and local populations


- Tons of Water Hyacinth harvested per day to partially free rivers and waterways.

- Creation of 35 to 160 local low and high-skilled jobs on each production unit.

- No use of pesticides by local authorities to unsuccessfully try to eradicate Water Hyacinth.

- Reduction of public health issues such as dengue and malaria.

- Decrease in water evaporation (1 plant unit evaporates up to 1 liter per day).

- Restoration of the natural ecosystem.

- 100% natural thermal insulation & Alternative Packaging items.

- Easily reused and recycled.

- Low gray energy.

- Non-toxic, allergen-free and safely handled and installed.

- Renewable raw material from an inexhaustible resource.

- Production of renewable energy by using leafs and roots.

- A unique drying technology based on Solar energy to dry Water Hyacinth.

- No land, nor fertilizers needed, leaving lands for Agro-food industry & forestry conservation.

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